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Advice and Tips on submitting your request online

We want you to get the most accurate costings from the body shops, therefore we have listed a number of useful tips to provide clear and accurate information.

If you read this before an accident

  • Take clear photographs of all vehicles involved
  • Take contact details from those involved and witnesses present

Good photographs make a massive difference

You can take photos with your mobile phone, pocket camera, compact camera or DSLR camera, it really doesn't matter. Try and take clear photographs in reasonable light and review them, making sure that they clearly show the damage to someone who has not seen the car.

  • Take several photos. Stand back and fill the frame with the whole car. Then take a couple of steps forward to close in on the damaged area. Finally take either close-up photos or photos from different angles to highlight the extent of the damage.
  • Be aware of any damage to hidden areas such as the door posts (known as the door pillars) and the areas behind the bumpers. If you can see any damage in these areas try to photograph them as well.
  • If the damage is just on one panel, check that adjacent panels are not damaged as well. Check the bonnet or boot for any slight creases or look down the length of the door to see if it is buckled.
  • Here are four examples of the type of photos we need - please feel free to send up to six
from approximately 10 feet away...
then 8 feet...
4 feet...
and finally 2 feet.

Any other information can be covered in the written description

  • Be clear with words, directions etc.
  • When referring to sides of the car, put yourself in the drivers seat facing forward, then refer to the left side (near-side) and right side (off-side) of the car.
  • If you suspect damage to mechanical parts such as steering, suspension, exhaust etc then state this in the description.

For further information or help, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

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