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Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does work?

Upload up to six photographs of the damaged vehicle and complete the simple online form. The body shops registered with will then view those photographs and provide a quote or an estimate based on them. If the quote/estimate is of interest, the body shop can be contacted directly using the information contained within the quote/estimate. The body shops are rated on quality, reliability and value for money.

More information on the 'How It Works' page

Do I have to pay anything?

No!  The service is free and the estimates or quotes that you receive are also free.

What is the difference between a quote and an estimate?

A quote is a fixed price which typically extends to 90 days. If the photographs show all the damage then a quote will be provided. If it is not possible to provide a quote, an estimate will be provided. The cost of an estimate can increase or decrease. If the body shops are unable to offer you a quote or estimate, we will ask you for further information.

When and how many quotes or estimates will I receive?

Your quotes or estimates could take just a few minutes or up to two working days to arrive. You will receive a maximum of three for each job submitted.

What warranty is offered with the work?

Every repair comes with a ‘no quibble’ warranty. In the event of difficultly deciding a warranty claim, an independent engineer will be instructed to assist.

Should I pay for the repair myself or should I use my insurance? would be happy to advise on this. We require some information with regard to your excess and no-claims bonus to provide the most appropriate course of action.

Will the panels be repaired or replaced?

The body shop will advise on the most cost effective and suitable method of repair. If a panel needs to be replaced – it will be. If a repair is the best option, then it will be repaired.

Will the body shop use second-hand parts?

Only at your request - the body shops should NEVER use second-hand parts without your permission. We can't make promises on behalf of the body shop.

What is the purpose of is a web portal that enables vehicle owners to obtain body repair costs, fast and from the convenience of their computer. It takes away the need to drive to multiple body shops collating estimates.

What type of photos do you want?

The photos need to be as clear as possible to obtain the most accurate costs. Try not to stand too close or too far away from your vehicle. Look at the examples of photos on the ‘Advice and Tips’ page.

Can I get repair costs for other peoples’ vehicles?

Yes, just complete the form and send the photos. This will put you in a more informed position and prevent you from possibly being over-charged.

What type of work can be completed?

Anything from a minor scratch to major accident damage repair.

How many body shops do you have on your panel?

Currently we have 67 body shops on our panel.

What area of the country do you operate in?

Currently the North West of England although we are continuing to expand our coverage.

Average body shop rating

Number of ratings: 23

Number of body shops: 68

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